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Fire Safety Solutions
'Keeping the flames away'
Domestic & Residential
From a single self contained battery powered smoke alarm to a complete system comprising interlinked mains powered  smoke and heat alarms, each with its own built in standby supply which automatically takes over should the mains fail...

Commercial & Industrial
BS5839 Pt1 Fire Alarm Systems
Systems can be designed, installed and commissioned in accordance with the requirements of BS5839 Pt1; 2002. with conventional, 2-Wire and analogue addressable systems being available.  Every system is designed to meet the specific needs of the application.

Extensions & Modifications
We can install extensions to existing systems and modify installations to meet customers' changing needs - all in accordance with the prevailing regulations and standards.
All fire alarm systems, both domestic & commercial, need regular testing & inspection to ensure that they  are fully operational.  Commercial systems need to be maintained in order to comply with Fire Precautions In The Workplace Regulations & BS5839 Pt1; 2002.  Contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Caretech Systems carries out routine maintenance and repairs on most types of Fire Systems including those installed by other companies and also provide an emergency call out service for customers with or without a maintenance agreement.
Fire Safety
Thieves pick and choose what they will take, fire doesnít. Fire takes everything and whilst furniture, TVís and other property can be replaced, family photos, treasured items and human life are lost forever.
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Electrical Installations and Maintenance Services
Caretech Systems Ltd
Do I need to have my system serviced?
Yes you should have you system serviced to ensure it operates correctly. You should speak to your local fire officer and / or insurers. After all it could save a life!

Why do my smoke detectors keep beeping?
It could be for a number of reasons, batteries are flat; mains failure or just simply faulty. Let Caretech check it out!

Do you install wireless Fire Alarm systems?
Yes we install wireless fire alarm systems in properties where it would be impractical to conceal cables or in certain Listed buildings.
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